Facial Treatments at Mayfair BeautiQ by Alicia

Facial Treatments in Mayfair

At Mayfair BeautiQ one of our key products is iS CLINICAL which offers options for any skin type, iS CLINICAL products are gentle on the skin while effective at improving skin health.

In addition to daily maintenance and rejuvenation, iS CLINICAL offers clinically-proven skincare systems to treat specific skin conditions, including acne, rosacea & hyperpigmentation,  dry or sensitive skin,  puffiness around the eyes,  scar tissue or uneven texture and post-procedure skincare

About iS CLINICAL Cosmeceutical

  • Clinically proven
  • Results driven
  • Luxury prescriptive professional & retail range
  • Acclaimed portfolio of treatments
  • A List celebrity endorsed portfolio
  • 98% Botanically derived

iS CLINICAL ® products are formulated to treat skin health & disease with;

natural desquamation agents that resurface the skin and enable the penetration of other key ingredients.

help prevent collagen breakdown and aid in new collagen synthesis to decrease wrinkling and restore elasticity.

improve cell function and promote cellular integrity.

encourage and direct cell maturation and development

protecting and strengthening cells while reducing inflammatory effects of oxidative stress.

iS CLINICAL Cosmeceutical Treatments

Is Clinical Champagne Enzyme Resurfacing Treatment Facial

Treatment Price | £90 – Treatment time | Please allow 60 mins


Designed to revive tired and congested skin, this professional results driven treatment facial features a warming honey and enzyme balm to cleanse and soften whilst the powerful Foaming Enzyme Masque system.

Combining papaya & pineapple enzymes with a potent clinical level grade of glycolic acid, produces a luxurious foaming activity while bio active ingredients exfoliate and deep cleanse the pores to reveal a polished radiant complexion.

An intense revitalising masque, copper firming mist and combination of the highest grade pharmaceutical strength complexes and serums are incorporated with a blend of massage techniques to reveal brighter, re-energized and tighter radiant skin.

Can include LED therapy.

Is Clinical Deep Cleansing Purity Facial

Treatment Price | £70 – Treatment time | Please allow 45 mins


Featuring a triple resurfacing system of botanical pharma grade formulations this deep cleansing facial is designed to remove dead skin, encourage cellular renewal and deep cleanse the skin whilst providing essential nutrients and hydration to reveal a brighter and renewed skin surface.

Can include LED light therapy

Bespoke Facial

Treatment Price | £70 – Treatment time | Please allow 60 mins

Deep cleansing, anti ageing, hydrating facial treatment taylor made to treat all skin conditions and all skin types.

Using specifically selected products to treat your individual skin needs

Includes LED therapy

Key Products may include;

  • Is clinical
  • DCL
  • Endocare
  • Cellpro

Enerpeel MA 40% Mandelic Acid Peel Facial

Treatment Price | £90 – Treatment time | Please allow 60 mins

Mandelic acid with MSM is designed for the management of Rosacea and Thread Veins.

It is also an excellent all year round peel for those with sensitive skin and will:

  • Rejuvenate the skin.
  • Remove surface skin cells and encourage the creation of new cells for a smoother more luminous skin.

Facial Products

Primary Facial Treatment
Additional Products Inc;
  • DCL Dermatologic Cosmetic Labs
  • Endocare
  • Cellpro
  • Heliocare
  • Enerpeel Ma

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